Rick Maloof

As I remember it, my passion for photography began when I was 9 years old, after finding an old camera in our attic, pestering my folks unmercifully until they showed me how to use it, and spending all my hard earned allowance on film, then marveling at how it could take light and transfer it to a magical paper to produce an image of my friends and family. I was forever transformed. I still have some of those photos and have never lost that passion. Now, with digital gadgetry at my disposal, I fill a very lot of my time in front of my new "darkroom" ...my computer.

Now, after a career in the Army...special forces...travelling virtually all over the world, and the last 25 or so years as a professional photographer, also travelling all over the world, I am content and comfortable with sitting in front of my computer and making a lot of those images come to life in ways I never thought possible.

My passion seems to have been passed on to my children...at least two of them. My daughter Alyssa, a professional photographer in Philadelphia, is one of the most natural and intuitive artists I know…and I’m deeply jealous (kidding).And my son Rick Jr. has proven himself in the photographic arena as well…even as a part timer. And my gorgeous wife, Joan, has written two books, and teaches Biology at our local university. I am blessed.

As for my style...I do a photojournalistic approach and love it when I am given the freedom to be as artistic as I'd like during a shoot. As for packages, I don’t have any specifics, but like to customize according to your needs. Thanks, and hope to talk to you soon, Rick