Though it’s a daily activity, driving must be dealt with extra care at all times. There are drivers who usually forget how hazardous it could be. The professional to truck service contractor knows how important it is to concentrate on driving. Because of this, we have listed below the common driving mistakes that drivers commit that you should prevent:

Driving when drowsy

According to statistics, it is estimated that more than 20% of fatalities related to vehicle involve a part of sleepiness or drowsiness on the driver’s part. Hence, you should refrain from driving if you feel that you are really sleepy. If that’s your case, go ahead and get some coffee to wake you up or you can have a nap before driving again.

Never put on makeup

Though this warning is obvious, there have been recorded cases of drivers being caught into accidents for shaving, putting makeup on, and even looking in the mirror as they drive a moving car. You shouldn’t do this mistake. Instead, always concentrate your eyes on the road and place both of your hands on your wheel.

Never text or take photos

You must never get distracted by taking pictures or sending a text message while you drive. A lot of accidents happen because of this ultimate distraction. You can utilize hands-free options for text or call transcription if needed, or just wait and answer them once you have securely parked your car.

Never drive if you’re influenced with drugs or alcohol

It is true that it could be hazardous if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even those over the counter or prescription drugs can make you feel groggy. So, it is recommended to stay put and not drive.

 Road rage

Once you enable yourself to immerse to road rage as you drive, it won’t only be stressful but it could also be hazardous. Know some tips on how to relax so that you can concentrate on what is really important, which is driving with full awareness and to drive safely. Allow yourself to learn some breathing exercises for you to enable stress to pass by. This also helps you to become a better and safer driver, preventing any vehicle breakdown or unexpected accidents. Also, it can help improve your life.

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